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It's dark, broody and sexy—think Gossip Girl antics with a murder mystery. In the new trailer below, you'll see that Archie KJ Apa isn't the peachy keen boy from the funny books. Archie gets it on…with a teacher?

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Cheryl Blossom was introduced in in Betty and Veronica [1] as a third love interest for Archie Andrewsbut she and her brother Jason disappeared two years later. One of the reasons she disappeared at first was because she was deemed too sexual for a children's comic. In the s, when a number of alternate universe series were published, Cheryl was a minor recurring character in the short-lived title Archie's Explorers of the Unknown.

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This series is way more Pretty Little Liars than old jalopies. First of all, it revolves around the grisly murder of one of the characters from the comics, which is very anti-Archie comic book. Yes Archie K.

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Have we all watched the trailer for Riverdale? Someone killed Jason Blossom and Archie is no longer convinced that he knows Riverdale. Imagine that: sexy thriller… and Archie Andrews.

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Archie Andrews was created as the double-A, squeaky-clean, all-American boy inthe year the U. Archie was a high school kid living in the ideal small town of Riverdale and hanging out with his goofy best friend, Jughead Jones. Sometimes he crushed on blond Betty Cooper; sometimes he crushed on brunet Veronica Lodge.

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For decades, American kids have been picking up the adventures of teenage redhead Archie Andrews, his vixenish love interests Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, gluttonous best friend Jughead Jones, and arch-rival Reggie Mantle, in digest-sized comic books at supermarket checkout lines. Archie has almost always been a corny relic of a long-gone time — so how did a company born in the s miraculously reinvent itself for the 21st century? First, a little backstory.

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Maintaining pop culture relevance for over 75 years demands some narrative curveballs to keep things fresh, and while a cute, hipster Jughead and swollen Archie are plenty strange, stranger things have happened. Here are 10 true Archie adventures that are infinitely weirder than Riverdale. The crossover event you never knew you needed begins with Archie on the losing side of a student council presidential debate against school bad boy Reggie.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Already renewed for a second season, the Archie update has become a cult hit, spawning online discussion groups and tribute events, including a Riverdale prom featuring a Josie and the Pussycats cover band at Smiling Buddha on April 7. Riverdale: Improvised was such a hit that the troupe is hosting an encore performance on April Many of its members grew up reading the cheerfully corny comics.

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Total Pageviews. Monday, September 30, The evolution of Bill Vigoda's 'look' - Archie with Beaver teeth, females who look like blow up dolls - still managed to render Jughead perfectly.

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Picture a big room filled with geeks awkwardly attempting to navigate around other people trying to scan through thousands of old comics crammed too damn tight into long cardboard boxes. Since NJ is my thing, let me clue you in on the city where this comic show went down. This is the Clifton, NJ comic show, the same show that I wrote about a couple of years back. Matt was super excited for that one as well.


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