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tg comics com
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Periodically I will continue them based on the donations to do so. I continuously will have have three ongoing series running at a time - I set the story and themes, and if you like them, you can donate to continue them. We also have a new category of galleries called Story Panels. This Payset shows a young pop music star who loses track of time, to have her secret revealed to her new tour partner. There are entries in which the transgender content is strong, where the main theme is transgender or one of the main characters is transgender. All new artwork will now be added to my newly redesigned, searchable website.

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Salma. Age: 22.
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Also there are entries where the transgender content is a spoiler intended to be revealed later.

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Ellison. Age: 24.
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This will likely be a very long commission, added to gradually. Reminiscent of the classic monster movies - the Frankenstein comic is done in black, white, and shades of grey, and the Black Lagoon is inked! This page is the main page, and will house the most recent artwork.

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