Reddit nurses gone wild

reddit nurses gone wild
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Things, however, get more complicated when you reverse the roles. Perhaps unsurprisingly, both of them were introduced to the kink by men in their lives, for men are far more likely to attach an aching, illicit arousal toward a female-coded role in the workforce. The intensive care unit is a stressful place to work, so the nurse manages her mental health by taking breaks to post nudes. That boundary, for both the patient and caregiver, is a strict taboo. When a nurse leans in over you or bends over to jot down some notes, the clothing allows your eyes to catch glimpses of their breasts beneath. I reached out to Lola Jean, a sex educator in Brooklyn , for her thoughts on that dynamic. For a few minutes, all the trauma in the ICU — the sleepless hours, emergency procedures and pervasive, overbearing sadness — is condemned to a foreign dimension.

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Josie. Age: 29.
reddit nurses gone wild

But GoneWildScrubs has no time for simulacrum, and elevates the fantasy to an exacting degree of authenticity.

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Mckinley. Age: 28.
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GoneWildScrubs Is Reinventing the Naughty Nurse Trope

The difference, of course, are the number of high-profile sexual abuse cases e. Personally, I find it slightly reassuring to know that even in the dark depths of intensive care, a place where half a million people die each year, a little bit of carnal human curiosity is able to shine through. The thin fabric helps accentuate the subtle lines of the undergarments.

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