Comic hetai

comic hetai
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Everything is free to read, and most of the manga has been translated into English. Manga Hasu — The yaoi posted here clearly has been made to find a balance between eroticism and romance. It doesn't stick to western or eastern drawn porn, but rather, it has Oh, and another warning, this isn't an exclusively gay site so you will see hetero-oriented erotic manga. If you have not tried it yet, you are definitely missing out.

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Miya. Age: 20.
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Mangago — Being easily one of the best and most well-rounded websites on this list, everyone how likes yaoi should check Mangago out.

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Demi. Age: 29.
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Hentai Comics

Some are more general while others cater to a certain niche while presenting a few, unique bonus features, so go on and dive right in! Overall, the site looks and feels great, although I did find that some books take a while to loads. For those not in the know, that kind of porn features extremely young looking characters in erotic comics.

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