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A few hours later, I had to finish packing. It was at this point that the fermentation process had begun to express itself, unfortunately for my wife, right when she got home to finish packing her own stuff. I was still sick, and smelled likeā€¦I ate 52 god damn garlic cloves: my breath, my sweat, my hair, oh the romance. I reduced it so that it would be a thick, creamy consistency, but mostly to reduce the amount of bites I had to eat to reach that scientific number of 52 magic cloves; one clove less, and I was SCREWED, one more and I might over-cure myself! Business major summa , entrepreneur, minarchist. I also know that nothing can cure a cold, it just runs its course. Of course I get a fucking cold the day before my tenth anniversary trip with my wife.

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He is a sadist and masochist.

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I needed someone who was good at making gluten-free veggie burgers so I could capitalize on people who self-diagnose themselves with anything but neurosis. As I read a few of these articles, I realized the full scope of the subculture of Candida weirdos who are fully convinced that Candida is the cause of white tongue brush your fucking tongue , smelly armpits bathe , digestion issues, domestic terrorism, Katy Perry, and on and on. No, that was just garlic farts taken to absurdity.

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