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Dana Snyder voice of Master Shake, pictured third from left and Carey Means voice of Frylock, not pictured lent their distinctive vocals to Adult Swim's signature cartoon comedy "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" for 14 years before its cancellation in While both are already cult heroes for their contributions to animated comedy, one, oddly enough, still has to work a day job to survive--a fact that takes many of his fans by complete surprise. Without divulging financial particulars, Snyder's portrait of his life on a cartoon salary is likely within the bounds of what most would imagine for the voice of a famed talking cup and more.

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This is the 2,rd longest binge-watch. Sign in to add this to your watch list Sign in to add this to your seen list Cut out all those commercials! Cut out the commercials plus the opening and the closing credits!

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Weird invents a giant mechanical robot that destroys Carl's car. The Aqua Teens head to the mall to see if they can solve the mystery. A gang of miscreant leprechauns takes out an ad on the Internet in an attempt to mug people for their shoes.

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Genre: AnimationComedy. An edgy adult cartoon from Adult Swim about a group of fast-food items that must work together to solve mysteries. We use cookies to help deliver services and advertising see details in Privacy Policy. By using the website you agree to this.

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Because we're very happy to live in a world where we get to hear Patti Smith sing the word "Meatwad," we asked her a few questions over e-mail about the collaboration. What drew you to it? Patti Smith: My son Jackson and I have watched cartoons together since he was born.

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We found ourselves on the verge of tears last season as Meatwad, Master Shake, and Frylock bid adieux to their New Jersey rental home. In it's ninth season, Aqua Teen Hunger Force picks up where it left off: Chronicling their quest for a new place to put their stuff and pay rent. Watch, as noble men are brought low, heart rending sacrifices are made, and animation is animated.

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Sign in. Frylock creates a genetically mutated dog for Meatwad named Handbanana, who soon begins to periodically rape Carl. Mean It.

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Most TV programs pride themselves on maintaining an accurate and chronological continuity of actions between episodes and seasons, stringing together tightly-woven plot arcs that can last for years and require watching the entire series from the start to understand all the elements at play in a single episode. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is known for having little to no continuity of any kind between episodes, much less seasons. As such, main characters such as Carl and the Aqua Teens are regularly killed or permanently mutilated without any lasting consequences, returning unharmed in the next episode sometimes even in the same episode.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force also known by various alternative titles is an American adult animated television series created by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro for Cartoon Network 's late night programming block, Adult Swim. It is about the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master ShakeFrylockand Meatwadwho live together as relatives and frequently interact with their human next-door neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski. It was created as a spin-off series of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.


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