How to tell parents im bisexual

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If you are reading this you are most likely trying to be a good parent in an extremely confusing situation and are probably getting lots of conflicting information. You are doing the right thing and can get through this. Take a deep breath.

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By Blaize Stewart. One of the hardest parts of the coming out process for me was telling my family; not because I felt that they would react negatively, but because I knew that by coming out, I would be affecting their lives as well and changing mine. I had no precedent to look to in order to predict how the larger community might react to my coming out, which only added to the overall stress of the situation.

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What do you suggest? I have recently come out as bisexual to my close friends, and they have been nothing but supportive towards me. Or confide in the family member you feel closest to and they can tell the others.

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I see families that look like mine everywhere. Mom, dad, and two beautiful blonde children. We're all white and able-bodied.

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Glad we got that covered. Especially when people turn that false information into judgment against you. This definition shows that bisexuality has nothing to do with those judgments.

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Image Description: a bisexual pride flag: pink top stripe, purple middle stripe, and blue bottom stripe. I even tried confronting him about it, but… he was abusive then too. Pretty much everyone in my life a least everyone important already knows, except for my parents.

There is a lot of misconception about what bisexuality is. Some people doubt it even exists and many parents think or maybe hope! Some people do first identify as bisexual and later identify as gay or lesbian.

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Hi Amy! In the last 3 months, my year-old girl has told me she identifies as bisexual. Nothing changes. Peers are asking everyone at the cafeteria table.

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Photograph: Thinkstock. He is quite public in his lifestyle choices and I am concerned that the children will be teased about this in school, and so on. What do you recommend?

I know that. I know how bad it hurts you when I lie to you. But sometimes I wonder, is the truth something you really want to hear?


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