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Buyers of the previous Complete release won't need to double-dip here: only the commentary tracks are ported over here. All other extras have vanished, while the transfers are exactly the same. Watching the films in chronological order, they only go downhill in quality and the first one is no classicso dedicated Billy Jack fanatics - or nostalgics who haven't seen Billy whup-ass someone in awhile - are probably the best bet for The Complete Billy Jack Collection.

Before you run out and buy toys listed below, remember that no toy can substitute for an engaged, nurturing, responsive, and FUN adult as a play partner for a language delayed toddler! I pick from this list of toys everyday and have great luck with them in eliciting sounds, words, signs, and social interaction. No-spill bubble containers changed my life!

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Deadly Dolls Triple Feature with Bonus. Terror, blood and mayhem ensue in this new Full Moon favorite! Serving time for a minor offense in a brutal women's detention center, Eva Jessica MorrisTV's One Life to Live finds herself at the mercy of the evil matron, a sadistic guard and a gang led by the vicious Kim.

It follows "Jack", an unnamed [a 1] Japanese samurai who, after nearly defeating the ultimate evil being known as Aku, using a magic katana capable of cutting through virtually anything, is sent forward in time by him to a dystopian future ruled by the tyrannical shape-shifting demon. Jack, who is brought to the future with only his robe, sandals, and the sword, quests to travel back to his own time and defeat Aku before he can take over the world. Jack's search for a way back to his own time period transcends Aku's control, but Jack's efforts are largely in vain due to the ways back to his home being just out of his reach.

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This beautiful Heaven and Earth Wall Calendar will draw you to a theme each month to reflect upon. A passage of Scripture for each month allows for meditation on the theme for that specific month. This wall calendar will surely cause you to appreciate those wonderful graces the Lord gives us.

Sign in. Cut to Sam Neill, who offers nothing. Watch now.

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Remember Me. Home Entertainment's Blu-ray and DVD release of the 14th season this September, complete with a gag reel, deleted scenes, and audio commentaries:. Or does it? The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues as Warner Bros.

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I recently purchased this jack-in-a-box for my nieces first birthday. It was a hit, not only with the children at the party but also the adults, many of whom had owned one as a child. It's sturdy and looks like it will survive a lot of love and playtime from the children.

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