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Although Sarah — and another neighbour — thought there had been two men in the flat, no one else was charged. Later that evening, Sarah went upstairs because water was dripping through her ceiling. Yet in the UK, they can fall under battery — the mildest assault possible. She only knows that Vicky, a tall, blond, year-old newlywed who worked as an account manager and who could calculate a balance sheet or assemble a wardrobe without breaking a sweat, was strangled by her husband one night in November in Susan Edwards, a barrister and law professor, has spent decades fighting to make strangulation a stand-alone offence. Less than two months after that, Anna Banks, a year-old classroom assistant, was strangled by her boyfriend of four months.

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The victim — who had more than 30 injuries — was a troubled woman, the jury was told.

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Hannah Pearson, from Lincolnshire, was 16 when she was strangled by James Morton, 24, whom she had met on the day of her death in July It is a frequent feature of non-fatal domestic assault, as well as rape and robbery where women are the victims. Sarah cannot imagine the impact on them.

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