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If not, they have to face these unusual circumstances head-on. In its greatest twist of all, "Striking Vipers" does not end in the devastation of two relationships, but in their successful integration. It's not, as Danny suggests, "an us thing," at least not an "us" that doesn't also include Lance and Roxette. The hidden world of Vipers , which he thought he had compartmentalized, is proving to be his detriment. Click Here to find out more. We may already live in a world where the best, most "transcendent" sex a person experiences is alone or involves a screen of some sort, and "Vipers" suggests that this can coexist with established practices like monogamy and marriage.

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Click Here to find out more. There is no one else, he tells her, but he cannot bring himself to say that he still wants her physically. We're using cookies to improve your experience. An episode that could have been stigmatizing or even homophobic instead leaves us to unpack a rich friendship and open our minds to new relationships and how to make them work.

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