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According to the film's end credits, the version of "Wipe Out" heard in the film is actually performed by the punk band The Queers. A series of children's piece puzzles are available as well depicting various characters and setups. Some reviews noted that in spite of it coming so soon after many films featuring penguins March of the Penguins , Madagascar , and Happy Feet , Surf's Up was able to stand out on its own. Patrons could "build" their own Cody as well as dress him up in an array of surf-themed clothing and other accessories in Build A Bear workshops. Cody intervenes at the last minute, sending him and Tank out of bounds and into a surfing obstacle known as the Boneyard, which has killed surfers who have ventured there. All versions of the game are the same with mild graphical differences, with only the Nintendo DS version changing the overall format. Afterwards, Cody asks Z if he'll come watch the contest, but Z refuses, saying he faked his death because he realized he couldn't compete with his then-new rival Tank, and that he was disillusioned.

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surfs up rotten tomatoes

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Surf's Up 2007 - Rotten Tomatoes - Movie Trailers.

Cody, Lani, Arnold and Geek were created and so far no plans for the dolls to be sold commercially have appeared. The site's consensus reads: " Surf's Up is a laid-back, visually stunning animated movie that brings a fresh twist to some familiar conventions. Sony Pictures Animation [1]. Along with the release of the film, a companion Surf's Up video game was released by Ubisoft for all the current video gaming systems on the market.

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