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During the first trimester, the body boosts the number of regulatory T cells that suppress immune reactions to lower the odds of rejecting the fetus. Intriguingly, a recent study found that microglia in aging female mice change their gene expression more than do microglia in aging males, strengthening the idea that the immune system may contribute to the female vulnerability to dementia Aug news. The findings suggest that the more estrogen a woman is exposed to during her lifetime, the better her brain fares, Gilsanz said. To make a comment you must login or register. After four years, none of these therapies changed any measure of cognition relative to placebo, Gleason reported. On the other hand, miscarrying may indicate an unfavorable hormonal milieu, or other underlying health problems, she suggested.

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The cohort was diverse, with 68 percent white, 16 percent African-American, 6 percent Asian, and 5 percent Latina in the mix.

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Those who started treatment early, however, did have less atherosclerosis than the placebo group, suggesting a benefit to heart health Hodis et al. Among the older WHIMS participants, women with diabetes suffered the greatest loss of brain volume, suggesting that metabolic health affects whatever estrogen does to the aging brain Sep news ; Espeland et al. Inflammation contributes to AD and other neurodegenerative diseases. Molly Fox , University of California, Los Angeles, analyzed a case-control cohort of women between the ages of 70 and in England, half of whom had been clinically diagnosed with dementia.

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