Incase drawings

incase drawings
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In an attempt to find the source of the River Nene, Intercession Gallery will provide free transportation to Badby Wood where we can walk, talk and search for the mythic nine - the nine springs that are said to be the origin of Northampton's much loved abiding river. Drawing materials, cameras, packed lunch are all recommended or perhaps you'd just like the time to wander and take in the stunning ancient woodland. We some of us laughed; we chewed over ideas which had by turns carefully and recklessly been wrapped up in questions; we feigned empathetic responses and resisted the temptation to goad those of us known to hold fragile, entrenched opinions. With Tarot overtones and an invitation to look closer this exhibition opens the door to a particular fantastical world. Join us on this journey on Wednesday 5th June leaving from Intercession gallery at 9. Instead it remains a potential element that is suspended in a continually repeating loop of audio.

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Amelia. Age: 29.
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What emerges is a distorted, deformed world often sinister and sometimes humorous.

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Yasmin. Age: 20.
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"to incase" in French

We liked each other a little more. InCase is a project providing a separate volume for artworks to run concurrently with exhibitions at Intercession Gallery. As the brief moment of inconsequential but consentrated shock and desolation passes, the audio starts again, condemning the barely suggested narrative to accompany it into an ever-repeating future. This show brings together the work of two photographers who, on the surface, have very differing practices, William Bunce and Petr Strouhal.

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