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highschool of the dead boob shot
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In an attempt to get back at Saeko, Rei then hands Takashi a drink to calm him down a bit, thinking it is a beverage. He is delirious, thinking he is dreaming, and jumps off of the roof. Shortly before the initial Outbreak at Fujimi Academy, Takashi, who is skipping class, encounters Morita Who is replaced by Saya in the anime , who is also skipping class, in the hallway. When he catches up, he finds Rei confronting Shido and is about to stop her, but is held onto by Saeko, who says that Takashi should let Rei decide what to do. Then, Takashi, Saeko, and Kohta climb onto the top of the Humvee and Takashi states that "it is getting annoying".

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Heather. Age: 27.
highschool of the dead boob shot

Also, she tells Takashi that she can't go on living if Takashi ever liked another girl.

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Hana. Age: 25.
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High School of the Dead - The Legendary... Boob Scene? original Japanese version with English subs

Kohta points out the minibus in the parking lot, and Takashi decides that they can take the bus to their houses to make sure their families are okay, and then find somewhere safe. Soon after discovering nobody is going to come save them, Asami starts to panic and then tells the rest of the people in the mall. The gang then tries to flee on the highway, only to be surrounded by "them". The gang that went to the bank is soon in a room hiding from "them" outside the door.

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