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Nero's a little funky looking, but gives great personality, and even greater cocksucking. Because Diesel's action in Rough Trade , as well as in the newer Taxman Cumeth with David Benjamin, is as aggressive and charged as could be desired. Webb tipped me off to other Titan news. A chain of events is set off when the handsome and hugely hung deliveryman Matthew Bosch has a gift for husky Hunter Marx, whose husband punishes him after smelling the scent of another man on him. With his contained machismo and the sort of serious mien you expect to find in a Founding Father, Ramzi's a Fondling Father who's always eager to give as forthrightly as he gets. Ramzi is at it again in Titan's Blueprint , doing the do-si-do with Dirk Caber. And performers who once sweltered under incandescents are happy that LEDs don't give off any heat.

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Caitlin. Age: 27.
titanmen rough

To redefine masculinity, so 'butch' doesn't have to equal 'trade.

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Esme. Age: 30.
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Not in his mouth, unfortunately. He's also well built and has a cock that weighs in at heavyweight. But now, with burn on demand, Titan can maintain and make available their entire back catalogue, from the classic River Patrol to a favorite of mine, Exhibition.

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