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Sign In Don't have an account? Mei Chang is a girl of many talents. However, as Mei passes through Youswell on the desert's border, their kindness guilt her into remaining in Amestris to help the country fight against the homunculus. When she was in northern Amestris, she displayed the ability to effectively defeat multiple powerful opponents in a matter of seconds. Mei fights them off, but Envy manages to absorb most of the soldiers and returns to his former form. Mei has displayed a high-level intelligence, on par with Al and Ed Elric. She has a short fuse, and has been known to become emotional easily, but Mei knows when to put her personal feelings aside to achieve her goals.

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Lilyana. Age: 30.
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However, the group had set up traps specifically to destroy him.

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Harmony. Age: 31.
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She is one of the best martial artists in FMAB, capable of surprising balance, amazing acrobatic feats, and extremely difficult kicking techniques. Mei and Marcoh head north together by a train while Scar plays decoy with Yoki on foot. They find the notes, but are unable to decipher them without Scar around.

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