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wedgie in movie
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A commercial for the Maria Casino has a woman giving another woman a thong wedgie while she's bending over to play pool. Good Mythical Morning : In a video titled "Wedgie Machine Challenge", Rhett and Link play a game similar to hangman called "Wedgieman", with the main difference being that they received wedgies via a hook and crank that get worse each time they get a letter wrong. At the end of the episode, concerned for Deuce's wellbeing, Zack opts to let himself get a hanging wedgie from a tightrope instead of Deuce, much to the circus goers entertainment. In the episode "Meet the Parrots" of Happy Endings , Penny tries to give her new baby bro Dave Penny's mom and Dave's dad are together now a wedgie, only to discover he isn't wearing any underwear. Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou : In the chapter 5 Beach Episode , after Arare realizes that Mononoke don't have belly buttons, she gives herself a frontal wedgie in an attempt to hide hers, only for her to rip her bikini bottom off. Minutemen opens with leads Virgil and Charlie, dressed as cheerleaders, stuck in hanging wedgies from the top of a ram statue. Watch out for the Negative Space Wedgie.

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wedgie in movie

Nacho Libre : During his wrestling match against Ramses, Nacho gives him an atomic wedgie.

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My Gym Partner's a Monkey In "Amazon Kevin", Adam receives a hanging wedgie by the rest of the students for inviting a nature show host that beats up animals to the school. He later unleashes a demon, the titular Wedgelor, that gives wedgies to Parker and several mall goers. Victor later gives the lead Impostor an atomic wedgie. In an old AOL commercial a teenage girl gives her younger brother a bouncing wedgie for not getting an A on her homework that she made him do.

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